Amenity Brochure

Floating Dispenser: Best Practices for Mounting

Example shown is Terra Green bulk dispensers however best practices for mounting apply to all wall mounted bulk dispensers regardless of the brand used.

• Mount on opposite wall of shower head source • Clean back of bracket with alcohol wipe prior to applying 3M tape and let dry • Clean surface wall with alcohol wipe prior to mounting and let dry, be sure that there is no soap scum or dust • Once securely mounted to the wall, apply thin layer of caulk around entire bracket, including the screw holes so that water cannot enter the bracket. • Wait at least 72 hours after mounting bracket to the wall BEFORE inserting bottle ˜ Installation Guidelines (3M Tape) ˜ DO NOT use a corrosive detergent Clean bracket and bottles regularly using a soft damp cloth and non-chloride (no bleach) cleaning materials Wipe of standing water (if applicable) Ensure that the pump and neck of dispenser bottles are kept clean at all times Proper Care / Maintenance of Dispenser

Dispensers must be mounted no higher than 48" from floor Height requirement 48" from the floor to the pump of the dispensers ADA Recommendations for Installation ˜

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