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Iron Mountain Secure Shredding Randi Suarez (732) 735-5828 *Not applicable to La Quinta ® by Wyndham Waste Management Waste, Bulk Pickup & Recycling Services Gayle Marchio (630) 572-2990 General Customer Service: (888) 625-5323 ENERGY CONSULTING AND RISK MANAGEMENT EMEX, LLC Energy Consulting & Risk Management (877) 459-4728 WIRELESS VOICE AT&T Business AT&T for Corporate Use: Wireline (Voice, internet, Wi-Fi, security) and Wireless Services (voice, data and wireless back up) for corporate use including billing, upgrades and new services Ashtin Williford (855) 788-7838 Please allow 24 hours for a response. *Applicable to all WH&R properties

All products and services are provided by the listed suppliers and not Wyndham Hotels & Resorts (WH&R) or its affiliates. Neither WH&R nor its affiliates are responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any statements made in this advertisement, the content of this advertisement (including the text, representations and illustrations) or any material on the listed supplier’s website to which the advertisement provides a link or a reference. Please refer to the applicable brand specifications for your property prior to purchasing products.


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