Supplier Directory - Q1 2023

Supplier Directory List React Mobile Employee Safety Devices (888) 415-0977 Servicing U.S. only Samsung Hospitality Televisions

EXTERIOR EXTERIOR SIGNAGE Allen Industries Exterior Signage Nicole Starkey (800) 338-9773 * Servicing all WH&R Hotel Brands. Servicing U.S. and Canada Dualite Exterior Signage Vern Wooten (513) 536-3193 *Applicable to La Quinta ® by Wyndham only Servicing U.S. and Canada (208) 287-1952 or (800) 592-8058 * Servicing all WH&R Hotel Brands Servicing U.S. only Knight Signs Exterior Signage Dale Wlasichuk / Josh Soronow (888) 283-0875 (604) 940-2231 (fax) * Servicing all WH&R Hotel Brands Servicing U.S. and Canada National Neon Exterior Signage Ryan Sander / Tamara Sanders (403) 275-4444 (403) 275-3387 (fax) * Servicing all WH&R Hotel Brands. Servicing Canada only Pattison Sign Group Exterior Signage Betsy Ewert (865) 500-4836 * Servicing all WH&R Hotel Brands Servicing Canada only Image National, Inc. Exterior Signage Wayne Gehring

TAX CONSULTANTS O’Connor & Associates Hotel Property Tax Reduction Patrick O’Connor Mona Govahi (254) 400-0683 Servicing U.S. only WYNDHAM GREEN CORE CERTIFICATION HD Supply Energy Efficient Lighting Guestroom and Housekeeping Supplies (800) 431-3000 eCatalog: Preventative Maintenance Guide Servicing U.S. only RRD Terry & LInen Conservation Cards Marketing and Operational Supplies & Services including Count on Us SM Signage and Collateral (855) 438-0373 Email RRD Customer Support: For ordering instructions visit: Waste Management Waste / Recycling Management Gayle Marchio (630) 572-2990 General Customer Service: (888) 625-5323 WebbMason Marketing Terry & LInen Conservation Cards (888) 432-0614 Servicing U.S. and Canada

Hospitality Grade LCD and LED HDTVs (Pro: Idiom Embedded options recommended)

Karen DeTulleo (267) 563-2921 SHOWTIME ® In-Room Entertainment Special Markets Sales / Doug Markott Premium Television Service (770) 698-6937 Servicing U.S. only SurferQuest Business Center Software & Equipment Business Center & Guest Engagement Software Solutions (888) 733-4365 or (814) 342-3120 wyndhamsales@ Thinix High Speed Internet Access Provider (HSIA) Anthony Clark (888) 484-4649 Servicing U.S. only Uniguest Business Center Software & Equipment Computing and printing, digital signage, and meeting space solutions Visual Matrix MOP by Visual Matrix, Housekeeping and Maintenance Automation Solutions, Employee Safety Devices and Guest Texting Software (888) 222-1179 Wyndham Wi-Fi High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) (855) 849-3487 Servicing U.S. only

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