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Supplier Directory List

BRAND PROGRAMS & POLICIES American Image Corridor Signage, Guest Safety, Parking, Wayfinding, Pool Area (800) 385-9223 wyndhamsigns@ahsign.com www.ahsign.com Servicing U.S. and Canada. Chefworks Apparel Culinary and F&B Apparel Juliana Chavira www.chefworks.com/fb/wyndham *Not applicable to La Quinta ® by Wyndham Cintas Safety, Compliance, Uniforms and Mats Safety & Compliance, Mats, Image and Identity. (800) 864-3676 customerservice@cintas.com www.cintas.com Servicing U.S. and Canada. Design Collective by Cintas Apparel/Uniforms (800) 864-3676 customerservice@cintas.com shop.mycintas.com HOTELSIGNS.com Identity Group Interior Signage Dailyorders@identitygroup.com Cindy Train (316) 267-4171 ext. 238 cindy.train@identitygroup.com www.identitygroup.com Imprint Plus Name Badge Systems, Display & Foodservice Signage Sheldon Wilson (800) 372-6621 ext. 271 juliana@chefworks.com Interior Signage (888) 273-8726 wyndham@hotelsigns.com www.hotelsigns.com

EMPLOYEE SAFETY DEVICES AT&T Staff Alert Employee Safety Devices WyndhamSAS@list.att.com https://staffalert.aas-att.com MOP by Visual Matrix Housekeeping and Maintenance Automation Solutions, Employee Safety Devices and Guest Texting Software (888) 222-1179 PROPERTY SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY 5G LLC. Rooftop Leasing for Wireless Carrier Networks contact@5gllc.net www.5gllc.net Air2Data High-Speed Wireless High Speed Internet Access Provider (HSIA) Complete Wi-Fi Solutions (435) 723-2020 (800) 361-2021 wyndham@air2data.com www.air2data.com Servicing U.S. only Allbridge High-Speed Internet Access Provider (HSIA), Casting sales@allbridge.com www.allbridge.com Servicing U.S. and Canada ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Guestroom Door Locks (electronic/RFID) Mobile Access Systems In-Room Safes & Locking Solutions (800) 225 8464 nam.globalsolutions@assaabloy.com www.assaabloyglobalsolutions.com Servicing U.S. and Canada. béné Tipping, LLC Digital Tipping Michael Skvortsov | (703) 346-6363 joinus@benetipping.com www.benetipping.com sales@vmmop.com https://vmmop.com Formerly DCI — Design Communications, LLC Craig Snelgrove 888-243-5405

RDI-USA, Inc. Brand-Approved Logo Printed Collateral keycards, hot/cold cups, notepads, etc. Available through distributors: American Hotel Register, a CHS Brand: (800) 323-5686 AMTEX: (800) 650-3360 AVM: (800) 218-3995 Champion Supply: (405) 681-5551 Guest Supply: (800) 772-7676 HD Supply: (800) 431-3000 Imperial Dade Canada (formerly known as Veritiv) CA only: (289) 777-8773 Pacific Lodging Supply: (800) 537-7915 RRD Brand-Approved Logo Printed Collateral Marketing and Operational Supplies & Services including Count on Us® Signage and Collateral (855) 438-0373 Email RRD Customer Support: wyndhamhotels@rrd.com For ordering instructions visit: Merchandise & Sales Enablement Solutions including Count on Us® Signage and Collateral (888) 432-0614 wyndham@slwmco.com https://wyndham.mymarketingbench.com Servicing U.S. only Western Hotel Supply Apparel, Signage (Interior), Namebadges, Entrance Mats, Phone Face Plates, Flags, Promo Items, Stationary (800) 645-3856 customerservice@ westernhotelsupply.com www.rrd.com/wyndham Servicing U.S. and Canada. SLWM (Formerly known as Webbmason Marketing) Branded Print, Promotional

Canary Technologies Credit Card Digital Authorization & Digital Tipping (415) 578-1414 WyndhamActivations@ CanaryTechnologies.com https://www.canarytechnologies. com/activation/wyndham DIRECTV Hospitality In-Room Entertainment, Casting Direct Sales (855) 642-8516 Jeff Fox (310) 560-0323 jeff.fox@directv.com DIRECTV.com/hotels Servicing U.S. only dormakaba USA Inc. Guest Room Access and Mobile Key Solutions RFID Locks, Access Management Software & In-Room Safes Brian Uttley Senior Partnership Sales Manager (480) 536-1520 brian.uttley@dormakaba.com www.dormakaba.us Elavon Credit Card Processing/Credit Card Digital Authorization Secure Payment Solutions (866) 868-3391

ITG Networks High Speed Internet Access Provider (HSIA) Guest Internet Access & HSIA Solutions (877) 934-4636 wyndhamsales@itgnetworks.com www.itgnetworks.com Servicing U.S. only JANUS Displays by Uniguest Digital Signage (800) 467-1218 ext. 2 support@uniguest.com www.janushospitality.com LG Electronics USA, Inc Televisions Hospitality Televisions & Commerical Displays (800) 228-1236 Media Solutions & Marketing Music, On-Hold Messaging & Scent Services (203) 509-3608 WynGroup@moodmedia.com https://us.moodmedia.com/clients/ wyndham/ MOP by Visual Matrix Housekeeping and Maintenance Automation Solutions, Employee Safety Devices and Guest Texting Software (888) 222-1179 info@lgsolutions.com www.lgsolutions.com Mood Media

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING American Express Credit Card Network and Interchange Fees (866) 377-0206 naglobalservicing@aexp.com www.americanexpress.com/merchant Servicing U.S. only For Canadian Hotels: (800) 268-9877 Servicing Canada only Chase Credit Card Processing (888) 849-2058 wyndham.franchise@chase.com Chase.com/Wyndham Servicing U.S. only Elavon Credit Card Processing/Credit Card Digital Authorization Secure Payment Solutions (866) 868-3391 FINANCING Ascentium Capital a division of Regions Bank Financial Lender Fast and Flexible Financing Mark Kerrutt (281) 902-1948 markkerrutt@ascentiumcapital.com Ascentium.Info/Wyndham23 Customized Financing - Learn More! Servicing U.S. only Balboa Capital Franchise Lender Rishi Mani (949) 798-6405 Rishi.Mani@balboacapital.com Michael Veneziano (949) 316-3856 Michael.veneziano@balboacapital.com www.balboacapital.com Servicing U.S. only hospitalitysales@elavon.com www.elavon.com/wyndham

hospitalitysales@elavon.com www.elavon.com/wyndham GrayMatter Networks Hospitality Phone Systems

sales@vmmop.com https://vmmop.com Moviebeam™ In-Room Entertainment (866) 969-3549 sales@moviebeam.com www.moviebeam.com Servicing U.S. and Canada On-Hold Marketing Music & On-Hold Marketing

Alexandra Nimni (646) 401-0830

sales@graymatternetworks.com https://graymatternetworks.com/ Home Box Office (HBO) In-Room Entertainment Premium Television Service Michelle Mahoney (347) 610-1081 Michelle.Mahoney@WarnerMedia.com HBOBulkSubmissions@ warnermedia.com HBOBulk.com Servicing U.S. only

www.westernhotelsupply.com Or Visit Your Brand Market Site:

Sheila Fitzgerald (800) 932-2175 www.onholdmktg.com *Not applicable to La Quinta ® by Wyndham. Onity Guestroom Door Locks (electronic/RFID) Electronic Locks and Energy Management (800) 424-1433 www.onity.com Oracle Opera Property Management System (PMS), Nor1 psd@wyndham.com http://it.wyndham.com/

AmericInnStore.com BaymontStore.com DaysInnStore.com HawthornStore.com HoJoStore.com LaQuintaStore.com MicrotelStore.com RamadaStore.com Super8Store.net TravelodgeStore.com WingateStore.com WyndhamStore.net * Uniforms not applicable to La Quinta ® by Wyndham

(800) 563-2464 ext. 1401 s.wilson@imprintplus.com www.imprintplus.com

Intello Technologies High Speed Internet Access Provider (HSIA) HSIA Solutions (Wi-Fi) (888) 404-6268

sales@intello.com www.intello.com Servicing Canada only *Not Applicable to AmericInn ® by Wyndham.

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Wyndham Responsible Supplier

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