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BOOTH# A2-202

BOOTH# A2-202


Servicing the U.S. and Canada.

Servicing the U.S. and Canada.

423.587.2196 • malarlighting.com


ML0506-BB (GR-503-LT) Ceiling Light

ML0506 (GR-503A-LT) Ceiling Light

WS5684 (COR-501-LT) Corridor Sconce

WS6662-1R-BB (GR-502-LT) Wall Sconce

PL6774-30 (LOB-501A-LT) Ceiling Light

MLRR-0481-1O1R (GR-502-ALT-LT) Single Wall Lamp

GR-504A-LT (LOB-504A-LT) Reading Lamp

MLRR-0482-2O2R (GR-505-ALT-LT) Double Wall Lamp

WS6662TWIN-2R-BB (GR-505-LT) Double Wall Sconce

ML4779-1R (GR-501A-LT) Floor Lamp

ML4779-1R-BB (GR-501-LT) Floor Lamp

GR-502A-LT ( LOB-502A-LT) Desk Sconce

ML4777-1O1R1USB (GR-502-LT)(GR-504-LT) Table Lamp

ML4777-1O1R1USB-BB (GR-504-LT) Table Lamp

ML4778TWIN-2O2R1USB (GR-505A-LT) Table Lamp

GR-501B-LT ( GR-501A-LT) ( LOB-505A-LT) Nightstand Sconce

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