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Looking to upgrade your VingCard door locks with Mobile Access?

Our full upgrade kits are not only designed to ensure a seamless installation but are also tested against creating unforeseen security vulnerabilities. Benefits of upgrading to Mobile Access with ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions include:

Designed for uninterrupted communication between hotel door locks & access management systems.

Designed to provide and maintain industry-leading data encryption that helps prevent unauthorized access.

Aim to safeguard the future-proof compati bility of VingCard locks with current and yet to be released technologies.

Working with a single provider to speedily help resolve any suddenly arising issues.

With our customer tested and industry-proven Mobile Access kits, help sidestep the potential risks of using hardware that can include:

Increased troubleshooting complications & potentially longer downtimes

System communication failures that facilitate unauthorized access

Prevention of battery status notifications & security alerts from being transmitted

Voiding of product warranties

Contact your local ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions representative today and learn how you can upgrade your VingCard locks with Mobile Access in a way that is easy and aims to result in enhanced guest satisfaction.

Phone number: +1 800 225 8464 - Email: nam.globalsolutions@assaabloy.com

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