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Help Cut off your Guestroom Electricity Costs with Verdant Smart Energy Management System

Maximized Savings

Optimize settings in real-time to help ensure you get the maximum energy savings possible.

Compatibility With most PTACS, VTACS, VRFs, split units and fan coil systems.

http://www.verdant.co/book-a-web-demo/ http://www.verdant.co/book-a-web-demo/ http://www.verdant.co/book-a-web-demo/ http://www.verdant.co/book-a-web-demo/ Book a Demo


www.verdant.co verdant.sales@emerson.com

Your staff can self-install each thermostat in as little as 10 minutes.

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Perk: Control your System from Anywhere, Anytime Instantaneously adjust each room’s temperature & settings with Verdant EI.




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